Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Great Theme For A Pixie Party

Your little fairy having a party?

Is she going to invite all her little pixie fairy friends and have a good time doing fairy things?

Tinkerbell Party Favor

Tinkerbell Party Favor

Well, we have a few good Tinkerbell party ideas here you may want to try:

1) Create fairy outfits out of tin foil. Separate the girls into groups or pairs with one to two rolls of foil each. Create an outfit complete with wings, hats, shoes, sunglasses and where ever the imagination takes you.

2)  A fairy treasure hunt. Hide little girlie items such as hair clips, hair ties, nail polish, bright crayons, bracelets, pencils, erasers, brightly colored lollipops and anything fairy like and have a great treasure hunt.

3) Bake heart and flower shaped cookies and cupcakes in advance and have the girls decorate them. Make sure you have icing sugar in fairy colors, chocolate buttons, and chocolate sprinklers in all sorts of different colors. They get to eat them afterward too.

In addition to these Tinkerbell party ideas, you will also need to set the tone of the party.

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Tinkerbell deluxe party supplies

A deluxe Tinkerbell party supply kit is a must. Included for eight guests are :

  • (8) 9″ Dinner Plates
  • (8) 7″ Dessert Plates
  • (16) Lunch Napkins
  • (8) 9 oz. Paper Cups
  • (8) Invitations with envelopes
  • (24) Piece Kiwi Cutlery Set*- (8) Forks (8) Spoons (8) Knives
  • (20) Pastel Cake Candles*
  • (1) Molded Tinker Bell Candle
  • (1) Plastic Table cover
  • (1) Tinker Bell Centerpiece
  • (1) 18″ Tinker Bell Heart Shaped Foil Balloon
  • (18) 11″ Latex Balloons* – 6 each; Green, Yellow and Lavender
  • (3) 81′ Crepe Streamers* – 1 each; Apple Green, Buttercup Yellow and Royal Purple
  • (3) 75′ Curling Ribbons* – 1 each; Lime, Daffodil and Purple

Tinkerbell party favors

Don’t forget the party favor kit either!


This kit includes:

  • (1) Treat Box
  • (1) Sticker Sheet
  • (1) Belt Clip
  • (1) Green Glow Necklace*
  • (1) Hair Band

More Tinkerbell Party Ideas & Supplies Here

Your little girl’s party will be remembered long after the event. Don’t forget to leave us a comment about your Tinkerbell party ideas!

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